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22 авг 2006
Кому интересен список книг по реинкарнации и карме-

1.Mortal Minds2005, Woerlee, G.M.
2.The Light Beyond,2005 Moody, Raymond A.
3.Soul Journeys 2005McKnight, Rosalind A.
4.If Heaven Is So Wonderful... Why Come Here? 2004 Brooker, John L.
5.Same Soul, Many Bodies 2004 Weiss, Brian L.
6.We Live Forever 2004 Atwater, P.M.H.
7.Eternal Life and How to Enjoy It 2004 Phinn, Gordon
8.Life Between Lives 2004 Newton, Michael
9.Immortality: The Inevitability of Eternal Live 2004 Berg, Rav
10.We Are Eternal 2004 Brown, Robert
11.The Future and Beyond 2004 Saltmarsh, H.F.
12.Wheels of a Soul 2004 Berg, Rav
13.All About Reincarnation 2004 Parish, Robert
14.Reincarnation 2004 Stemman, Roy
15.Life on the Other Side - A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife2004 Browne, Sylvia
16.Past Life Meditation 2004 medley, Jenny
17.All You Need Is Love 2004St James, Jewelle
18.The Beginner's Guide for the Recently Deceased2004Staume, David
19.Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed2004 Goldberg, Bruce
20.Beyond Death 2004 Hall, Judy
21Present Hang-Ups From Past Lifetimes 2004 Irwin, Wayne C.
22.The Reincarnation Controversy 2003 Rosen, Stephen
23.A Rainbow Over the River 2003 Duin, Veronica van
24.You, Me, Who's Who? Twins and Reincarnation 2003 Pierson, Lois 25.Past Life Regression 2003 Markham, Ursula
26.Darkness into Light 2003 Brooker, John L.
27Grieve No More,Beloved 2003 McGill, Ormond
28.Past Life Memories as a Confederate Soldier 2003 Kent, James H. 29.Exploring Reincarnation 2003 Dam, Hans Ten
30.Arthur Conan Doyle's Book of the Beyond 2003 Hayward, Colum Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan
31.Physics of the Soul 2003 Goswami, Amit
32.The Other Side and Back 2003 Harrison, Lindsay Browne, Sylvia
33.Journeys to the Summerland 2003 Sempers, Chris
34.Chasing the Wind - Based on My True Past Life Experiences 2003
Childs, Margie
35.Superphysical (1937) 2003 Osborn, Arthur W.
36.Addicted to Life 2003 Meyer, Monica M
37.Astrology and Reincarnation 2002 Hall, Manly P.
38.Why Come Back?: Bk. 2 2002 Burman, Roger J.
39. Earth Angels 2002 Virtue, Doreen
40.Though You Die 2002 Drake, Stanley
41.The Fine and the Wicked 2002 O, Ana
42.Life and Past Lives in Languedoc 2002 Mayfield, Susan
43.Echoes of Sara's Light 2002 Smart, Gaye
44.Dead as I'll Ever Be 2002 Evans, Pamela
45.Reincarnation and Karma 2002 Steiner, Rudolf
46.You Have Been Here Before 2002 Kiriyama, Seiyu
47.A New Look at Past Lives 2001 Hall, Judy
48.Old Souls 2001 Shroder, Tom
49.Practical Guide to Past-life Memories 2001Webster, Richard
50.Children Who Have Lived Before 2001 Hardo, Trutz
51.Rebel Spirit 2001Baillie, Ian C.
52.Karmic Connections 2001 Hall, Judy
53. Living with Invisible People 2001Saether, Jostein
54.Past Lives, Future Healing 2001 Harrison, Lyndsay Browne, Sylvia 55.Ripples 2001 Smedley, Jenny
56.Great Adventure 2001 Gold, E.J.
57.Addicted to Life 2001 Meyer
58.Science and Soul 2001Schwartz, Gary E Chopra, Deepak
59. Coming Back Alive 2001 Fisher, Joe
60.Life After Life 2001 Moody, Raymond
61.Karma and Reincarnation 2001 Spadaro, Patricia R Prophet, Elizabeth Clare 62.Soulmates 2001Webster, Richard
63.The Journey of Rainsnow 2001Rainsnow, J.
64.Karma 2001 York, Landis M.
65.From Death to Birth 2001 Tigunait, Pandit Rajmani
66.The Psychology of Spirit 2000 Devlin, Mary
67.Memories of God and Creation 2000 Modi, Shakuntala
68.The Scorpion Child 2000 O'Donnelly, Kristina
69. The Beginner's Guide to Life After Death 2000 Shires, Peter
70.At Home in the Universe 2000 Steiner, Rudolf
71.The Place We Call Home 2000 Grant, Robert J.
72.Soul Resurgence 2000 Palin, Poppy
73.My Beautiful World 2000 Gromoboy Dabrowicks, Tadeusz S.De 74.The Infinite Mind 2000 Shine, Betty
75.They Knew Jesus 2000 Steiner, Joe
76.Explore Your Past Lives Meditation 2000 Sutphen, Dick
77.Edgar Cayce on the Reincarnation of Biblical Characters 2000
Todeschi, Kevin J.
78.Reincarnation and Karma 2000 Bodde, Albert
79.Voyages into the Afterlife 2000 Moen, Bruce
80.How I Know That the Dead Return 1999 Stead, William Thomas 81.Re-incarnation, the Only Mode of Propagation 1999
82.Death and the Afterlife 1999 Innes, Brian
83.Old Souls 1999 Shroder, Tom
84. Clues to Your Past Lives 1999Lane, Barbara
85.Earthly Death and Cosmic Life 1999 Steiner, Rudolf
86.Life After Death 1999 Randall, Neville
87.Journeys into Past Lives 1999 Linn, Denise
88.Past Lives and Beyond 1999 Linn, Denise
89.Journey 1999 Davies, Mary
90.Troy Remembered 1999 Ivimy, John
91.God Games 1999 Freer, Neil
92.From Past to Future Life 1999 Webber, Roger
93.Reincarnation 1999 Besant, Annie Wood
94.Where Do We Go from Here? 1999Hudson, Peter John
95.Billy Grows Up in Spirit 1999 Evans, Michael
96.From Earth to Eternity 1999 Joseph, Brother
97.System in Which We Live 1998 Oram, Arthur Talbot
98.The Teachings of "Silver Birch" 1998 A.W. Austen
99.The Philosophy of Silver Birch 1998 Stella Storm
100.The Seed of Truth 1998
101.Search for the Girl with the Blue Eyes 1998 Stearn, Jess
102.Life After Death 1998 Freeman, Sidney L.
103.Life Without Guilt 1998 Denning, Hazel M.
104.Northumberland Dreaming 1998 Mercker, Mary Rhees
105.To Save Russia 1998 Norsic, Donald
106.The Journey Continues 1998 Childs, Sylvia Childs, Gilbert
107.Echoes from Medieval Halls 1998 Lane, Barbara
108.Ordered to Return 1998 Ritchie, George G.
109.Life in the Next World 1998 Matthews, Peter
110.Past Life Recovery 1998 Vallieres, Ingrid
111.Inner Radiance (1935) 1998 Curtiss, F. Homer
112.Psychic Lifetime 1997 Sanders, M.J.
113.Past Lives of Famous People 1997 Bengtson, David
114.Reincarnation in Modern Life 1997 Archiati, Pietro
115.Soul Search 1997Klein, Edward
116.Immortality and Reincarnation 1997 David-Neel, Alexandra
117.Life in the World Unseen 1997 Borgia, Anthony
118.Past Lifetimes 1997 O'Grady, Annie
119.The Awakening Princess 1997Barry, Marilyn
120.What Happens After Death 1997 Gonzalez-Wippler, Migene
121.Blossom and the Fruit 1997 Collins, Mabel
122.Karma 1997 Sinnett, A.P.
123.The Division of Consciousness 1997 Novak, Peter
124.Born Again and Again 1997 Auken, John Van
125.Our Origin and Destiny 1997 Callahan, Kathy L.
126.From Ashes to Healing 1997 Gershom, Yonassan
127.A Western Approach to Reincarnation and Karma 1997 Steiner, Rudolf 128.Only Love Is Real 1997 Weiss, Brian
129.Evolution in Life Beyond Death 1996 Giebels, Henk A.M.
130.Joyous Inheritance 1996 Alford, Ronald
131.Read How We Died 1996 Grieveson, Andrea
132.Echoes from the Battlefield 1996 Lane, Barbara
133.Reincarnation 1996 Kear, Lynn
134.Artists Life After Death 1996 Evans, Ken
135.Reincarnation 1996 Edwards, Paul
136.Life After Life 1996 Miles, Eustace
137.Reincarnation 1996 Brownell, George B.
138.Reincarnation 1996Curtiss, F.H.
139.Reincarnation 1996 Tingley, Katherine
140.The Book of Theanna 1996 Lonsdale, Theanna Lonsdale, Ellias
141.Thresholds 1996 Millar, Gabriel Bradford
142.Healing Journeys 1996
Matthews, Stephen Matthews, Maureen
143.God-man 1996 Carey, George W Perry, Inez Eudora
144.Zolar's Book of Reincarnation 1996 Zolar
145.Encyclopedia of Afterlife Beliefs and Phenomena1995 Lewis, James R.
146.The Eclipse of Eternity 1995 Walter, Tony (Lecturer in Sociology, Reading University)
147.At Peace in the Light 1995 Perry, Paul Brinkley, Dannion
148.Love Song from Beyond 1995 Chesney, Inga L.
149.Glimpse of the Spirit 1995 Larm, Olaf af
150.Spirit Seeker Past Lives Tape: Who Were You?, Past Life Awareness, TimeTravelling, Past Life Journey1995 Hounsome, Steve
151.Will You Survive After Death? 1995Spencer, Anne Spencer, John
152.Veil Too Thin 1995 Riley, Betty
153.The Man with Nine Lives 1995 Patterson, Doris
154.Past Life Therapy in Action 1995 Taylor, Lauren Leigh Sutphen, Dick 155.Beyond Death 1995
156.Journey of Souls 1994 Newton, Michael
157.Born Again 1994 Bevan, J.W.
158.Middle Path 1994 Batchelor, Dulcie
159.Saved by the Light 1994Brinkley, Dannion, Perry, Paul
160.Reincarnation in the New Testament 1994 Pryse, James M.
161.Many Lives, Many Masters 1994 Weiss, Brian
162.Yesterday's Children 1993 Cockell, Jenny
163.Life After Death 1992 Leadbeater, C.W.
164.How to Uncover Your Past Lives 1992 Andrews, Ted
165.Peter's Gate 1992 Sherwood, Jane
166.The Lake and the Castle 1992 Guirdham, Arthur
167.The Country Beyond 1992 Sherwood, Jane
168.Eye of the Centaur 1992 Clow, Barbara Hand
169. Have You Lived Before This Life? 1991Hubbard, L.Ron
170.How We Remember Our Past Lives 1990 Jinarajadasa, C.
171.The Cathars and Reincarnation 1990 Guirdham, Arthur
172.Reincarnation 1989 Preuss, Peter
173.The Journey Within 1988 Bolduc, Henry Leo
174.Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation 1988
Stevenson, Ian
175.A Venture in Immortality 1987 Kennedy, David
176.People from the Other World 1987 Olcott, Henry Steel
177.Reincarnation in the New Testament 1986 Pryse, James M.
178.Prospects of Eternity 1982 Russell, Edward Wriothesley

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